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We understand the struggle parents face to feed your kids well and maintain or increase their health so we created the how to guide with tips and tricks to transition your family to eating clean, feeling more connected and being active and fit.

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Each week you will receive access to modules with lessons that cover mindfulness practices, nutritional know-how, and psychological tips and tricks with a library of resources to create deeper connections as a family while increasing performance and recovery.


Rob Skate Academy is one of the most progressive Safe Skateboarding schools in today's market. Founded by Robert Ferguson in 2008, Rob and his team have developed a nationally recognized program which teaches skateboarding at an accelerated pace underpinned with a core mission focused around wellness and mindfulness for the purpose of transformational self-development.

With nutritional balance and clean eating habits being a critical factor for high performance and recovery, The Rob Skate Academy has partnered with Crystal Clear Kids to produce the Family Support Program which provides the step-by-step guide on How To improve nutritional choices by transitioning to a clean eating diet.


Crystal Hilsley, Founder of Crystal Clear Kids

Crystal Hilsley is a Wellness Advisor specializing in transitioning families to eating a clean diet with nutritionally beneficial foods as a daily reality. Crystal received her BS in Psychology and is a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach. She utilizes methods proven to become part of one's emotional DNA and family support tactics in her work and incorporates a variety of effective learning tools into each story, workshop, and event. Crystal is a driving force in empowering families to be aware of their nutritional needs and desires and supports the whole family to transition into a whole-foods based diet.

The Family Support Program

The Family Support Program is a 6-module mixed-media series comprised of proven methods for mind and body wellness, including:
  • 6 video modules approximately 15-20 minutes each
  • 6 Workbooks which support each module and serve as a guide to help families actively participate in the program
  • 6 complementary Booklets which delve a bit deeper into each of the 6 topics
  • A bundle of tools such as meal plans, recipe books, shopping lists, and mindful exercises/tasks to help families engage with the recommendations introduced in the modules
To share some insight on what you'll learn through the course, have a look over the Program Syllabus:
Click Here For Program Syllabus

                 The Entrance

  • Welcome Video
  • 6 Modules
  • 6 Workbooks
  • Sample Recipe Booklet
  • Gut Reset Guide
  • Online Community Access
  • Access to Course for 1 year from date of purchase
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Payment Plan Available ($107 for 2 Months)

                      The Debut

  • Welcome Video
  • 6 Modules
  • 6 Workbooks
  • Sample Recipe Booklet
  • Instructional Booklets for each module
  • Kids Mindfulness Exercises
  • Shopping List
  • Weekly Meal Plan Template
  • Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Foods List
  • Age Appropriate Chore List
  • Nutrition 101 Handbook
  • Top Calcium Rich Foods List
  • Gut Reset Guide
  • Online Community Access
  • Access to Course for 1 year from date of purchase
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Payment Plan Available ($127 for 2 Months)

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Ashley P: 

Mom, Executive Director, Family Support Program Member

JJ Thomas: 

Dad, Olympic Medalist Snowboarding, Coach to 2 Gold Medal Olympic Athletes, Advocate for Clean Eating, Recovery and Performance


The community is here to support and participate right alongside you! You will be invited to join our online group to mix, mingle, share, and learn with your tribe as you make your way through the journey as a mindful and connected family!

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Every family deserves to feel connected, eat clean and nutritionally beneficial foods and be free of disease to participate in activities and events for growth and ultimate health.

At the end of the 6-module series you will not only feel empowered to instill healthy habits for your whole family but also reduce resistance to eating and enjoying clean foods.

You’ll receive a clear path to understanding how to transition your family to eating clean, being more connected, and mindful.

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We look forward to supporting your development and having you join our passionate community!

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