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This course shows parents how to

support their aspiring athletes to increase performance and optimize recovery through nutrition and mindfulness 

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If you are concerned your child isn't receiving enough of the right nutrients to meet their growing body's needs.

You're worried the habits they have now will affect their future. 
Your child isn’t sleeping well at night.
Experience emotional outbursts.
Listening is painful and you struggle to get cooperation.
You resort to giving up and letting them eat whatever they want.

Enough is enough

Let me share what works

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I'm Crystal Hilsley, Child Nutrition Advisor.

My expertise and experience is grounded in Psychology, Nutrition and Parent Child Interactive Therapy.

At 17 years old I had migraines, depression, digestive issues, was overweight, had cystic acne and I was ready to drop out of college. It changed when I got to the root of the problem - my food imbalances.

Ten years ago when I had my daughter, I decided I would give her the strongest foundation I could. I want to show you how.

Partnerships and Resume

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Our Core Mission Is To Teach Mindfulness Through Skateboarding While Remaining Accountable For Safety Measures And Precautions. In Correlation, The Vision Is To Support Families Increase Secure Bonds and Connections and Prepare Your Aspiring Athlete to Achieve their Goals!


Clean Eating

Roots of Health

Imagine if in 6 short weeks you were able to

Have confidence you are meeting their growing body's demands
Mornings and throughout the day they were able to practice calming exercises
They chose healthy snacks and happily engaged in mealtime

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Staying ahead of your superstar child's growing needs can be frustrating 

If you want to continue to have a burnt out child, a picky eater, and bad food choices, then you can stay on the path you are on and hope it will work itself out.

What does it include?

  1. 6 video lessons

  2. 6 workbooks

  3. A bundle of meal plans, recipes, instructional booklets, useful and practical tips and tricks to solidify the lessons for success

Course Syllabus

Here’s Just a Fraction of What You’ll Discover in the Family Support Program



We address the two core mindset states that we all carry and how our belief systems are created. The module also covers where and how our belief systems are created which fundamentally influence how we experience the world, including the ways to reprogram and improve our lives.



This module exposes the guidelines and standards in our current system and where they were created. It includes base nutritional needs, samples and guides of clean foods required including alternatives to daily favorites.




An understanding of the importance of the roots of our health. By way of understanding the fundamental causes of disease and nutritional deficiencies this module supports ways to improve our health starting with our foundation.


A widely known topic and how it affects your health from a psychological, behavioral and biological perspective. It includes how to identify stress and most importantly what to do about it with tips and tricks to circumvent the onset of it with your family.


An ingredient widely over used and linked  to reduced health and increased corruption of our body’s intended system functionality. This module also covers ways to reduce the use of sugar in meal preparation but also in circumventing the desire for it by the whole family coupled with tips and tricks of how to reduce its effects on your family.


The benefits of eating clean from a multitude of aspects including physical health, psychological stability, and increased community and family connection. While many families desire to and have the recipes to eat clean, the psychological methods to increase the consumption of with reduced resistance and increased desire within the family is covered with a variety of tips, tricks and support for a lifelong joyful experience with clean food.
Upon completion of the program you will feel confident, empowered and secure in providing your family with the proper nutrients and skills to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled daily life!

Enjoy meal and family time knowing your family is receiving the nutrients and loving communication they deserve.

Preparing them for events to utilize food as fuel. Empowering Families to participate and be their best.

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While many programs provide the recipes to cook the healthy meals, there is a lack of guidance on the proven ways to actually get your kids to eat them!

We take you on a journey which includes scientifically and psychologically proven methods to improve your family’s health and ensure you feel confident and empowered to implement strategies that actually work.

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Improve your family’s healthy habits, strengthen immune systems, increase bonding and connections while utilizing mindfulness and instilling secure belief systems.
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Improve your family’s healthy habits, strengthen immune systems, increase bonding and connections while utilizing mindfulness and instilling secure belief systems.

This opportunity is needed now more than ever as we face obstacles and challenges no other generation has experienced. Children are suffering from lifestyle diseases and difficulties with getting the right nutrients needed for their ultimate health and wellness. As we watch the statistics rise and more children experience stress, anxiety, depression and unhealthy eating habits, it's time to fix the problem at the root.


Ashley P
Operations Executive, Mom,
Family Support Program Fan
Ashley P
Operations Executive, Mom,
Family Support Program Fan
JJ Thomas
Olympic Medalist Snowboarding, Dad, Coach to 2 Gold Medal Olympic Athletes, Advocate for Clean Eating, Recovery and Performance
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Look here.

  • Q. How long is this course?
    A. 6 weeks in total but you get access for one full year
  • Q. What does it include?
    A. 6 video modules, 6 workbooks, 6 instructional booklets and a bundle of recipes, resources, guides and tips to support your journey
  • Q. When can I start?
    A. Now! You get immediate access to the course upon enrollment
  • Q. Can my kids participate?
    A. Yes, absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to include them. Every module is broken down into quick videos and exercises they will understand, comprehend and enjoy

The Family Support Program

  • Welcome Video
    Meet Crystal & learn the mission to support your family. 
  • 6 Modules 
    Each module is designed to introduce you to the 3 main areas of nutrition education missing for parents: 1. Food Education - balance, portion sizes and nutrients needed. 2. Feeding education - how they are fed is just as important as what they eat.            3. Understanding child development and temperament. Each video lesson is 8-12 minutes in length to compliment your busy schedule.
  • Instructional Booklets (Value $100)
    Key points and data are highlighted to solidify the main topics and useful strategies from each lesson.
  • 6 Workbooks (Value $40)
    Ensure that you get the most out of the lessons and successfully implement the strategies.
  • Food Guidelines for Athletic Performance and Recovery (Value $500)
    Your COMPLETE guide for what to feed your children before, during and after sporting events. This exact guide is what the US Olympic teams have hired me to create and have used during Summits and Training Events. 
  • Gut Reset Guide (Value $59)
    The roots of your health need to be in top shape to absorb nutrients. Filled with the instructions and formula along with 3 weeks of tasty recipes to improve and heal your gut health to put you on the path to wellness.
  • Nutrition 101 Handbook (Value $189)
    Forget the college course, this guide gives you nutrient recommendations, meal parameters and valuable data on how to combine and create the three things your body needs.
  • Sample Recipe Booklet 
    Over 20 of our favorite recipes that adults and kids will both love. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Dessert modified with clean and simple ingredients that are quick and easy to make.

  • Kids Mindfulness Exercises
    Create calm and teach your kids how to reset in any moment of frustration.

  • Shopping List

    Take the guesswork out of clean shopping.

  • Weekly Meal Plan Template

    Preparation equals sanity. Stay ahead of the “Mom, what’s for dinner?” rerun episodes every week. 

  • Age Appropriate Chore List

    Your kids are 70% more likely to eat the foods you want them to if they are involved. Here’s how to get them onboard with structure and ease.

  • Top Calcium Rich Foods List

    70% of the population is lactose intolerant. The one reason we think we need cow’s milk is for what? CALCIUM. Dairy is proven to increase obesity and bone fractures. Here’s what to replace it with. 

  • Tricky Picky Guide

    Have a challenging eater? Follow these simple and fun steps to ensure you and your child are supported to break unhealthy habits.

  • Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Foods List

    The quality of your food matters however some foods aren’t required to be organic to be the best. Find out how to create balance.